About Uffa Fox's N1

Yachting World magazine commissioned Uffa Fox to design a dinghy to the new class regulations. The plans were published in March 1936, and cost 12/6d. Two hundred sets were sold within a few weeks. N1, "Gipsy", was built by Compton of Cowes, and was launched in the April. Gipsy was still sailing on the Thames in the late 1960s, and is now in the ISCA Maritime Museum at Lowestoft.

Designer: Uffa Fox

The sectional drawing, taken from Robin Steavenson's "The Story of the National Twelves", shows the V section hull, the pronounced keel rocker, and the typical Uffa Fox spoon shaped rudder.


The arrangement drawing below shows an alternative una rig sail, with the mast set well forward.

N 1, Gipsy, photographed by Robin Steavenson


Steavenson, R., (1966) The Story of the National Twelves. London, Herbert Jenkins (Back to text)