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Vintage series results (Witchcraft bailer)

Final: 2017/11/20


Pts N W
2620 David Peacock Ann Britton/Lesley Iles/Tina Beresford 2 1 2 2 1 1 11 4 23 1 5 1.5 1 1.5 3.00 1
2545 Phil David Fiona Phillips/Tricia Peacock 3 2 1 1 2 2 10 3 5.00 2
& 2524
Paul Turner Christine Preston 4 4 3 3 9 2 31 2 7.00 3
2345 Brian Herring Ros Steavonson 6 4 6 6 6 2.5 6 2.5 9.00 4
2153 Angus Betys Amber Poulloin 33 3
2266 Bernard Clark Ellie Clark 6 2.5
2399 Gerald Copsey Anthony Copsey/Frances Copsey 5 5 12 5
2403 John Sears Catherine Sears 5 1
2487 Paul Brotherton Karen Brotherton 3 1.5
2531 Vincent Phillips Alex Phillips 5 3
2576 Martin Clarke Jake Duncan 3 3 10 1.5

Three meetings from the above to count for the vintage series.

Points System 
1-2 boats 1st = 1.5, 2nd = 2.5. Then as per normal low points system.
3-6 boats 1st = 1, 2nd= 2. Then as per normal low points system.
7 and over 1st = 0.75. Then as per normal low points system.
Boats attending and entering but not qualifying for any reason will score the number of boats entered on the day.


1. Burghfield SC, Burwain SC and Henley SC had no vintage boats

2. TVSC was cancelled


Vintage Series 2017
There is still support for the Vintage Series but it continues to be a little thin. This is surprising as vintage N12’s are a great option. They are good to look at, relatively inexpensive and beautiful to sail, particularly for those of us with problem knees and joints who just can’t entertain double bottom boats. With three events to qualify this year there were four qualifiers. We had reasonable fleets at Yorkshire Ouse, for the Derwent Handicap and at Norfolk but sadly there were no vintage boats at Burghfield, Burwain and Henley and Trent Valley was cancelled.
As far as N12 vintage sailing is concerned I don’t think that we should have any separate vintage events any more, even possibly including the Vintage Champs. So I’m proposing that next year all the vintage series events will be part of the normal N12 open meeting circuit but preferably held at clubs where there are some vintage boats.
Vintage Champs 2017
The Derwent Handicap on the Saturday 25th June was great fun and attracted six entries. The wind was lighter and shifty for the morning race, which was the handicap decider and then it increased after lunch for the next two pursuit races. It’s never good to win the first race by too much as the handicaps are based on this. With a canny finish in the first race Phil David went on to win the event.
The actual Vintage Championships on Sunday 26th June was less well supported possibly because the forecast was for more wind. In the event three boats competed in a force three to four. Three races were held back to back, in near perfect sailing conditions. Dave Peacock won all three races, closely pursued by Phil David and Paul Turner.
This weekend continues to be our most popular event and many thanks to Paul Turner, Janet and Kevan for all their hard work.  The numbers, however, were down again and it is possible that Foremark Reservoir (Burton SC) may not want to host the event next year unless we can increase the numbers to keep it viable.
Foremerk Reservoir (Burton SC) is a great venue but there are alternatives. The Vintage Champs could be combined with a larger open meeting or the Fun Weekend. Alternatively, I think the Vintage Champs could again become part of the National Champs, provided that we add to the sailing instructions the requirement to finish any lapped boats on the same lap as the leaders finish and sweep up the rest. This will be discussed at the next committee meeting and I welcome any individual comments.


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