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Milton Keynes open meeting

For the fourth year I find myself writing another event report and wondering what themes and references should be used in the report. An Italian theme could be used because after hinting at it the weather finally came up with the goods. The rain stayed away and we had glorious Garda like conditions of bright sunshine with a steady(ish) SW force 4/5, which MKSC seems to get most weekends during the summer. Maybe some motor racing references could work well. After all Red Bull Racing are just up the road and Bob Austin (also RO for the day) did swing into action like a well oiled pit crew to help Cheshire Cat get back on the water for the second race after damaging her centreboard. Also the racing much was like Formula One which means fast, furious and close at times with the same winner in each race who led off the line.  This is not to say there wasn't any dramas and spectators and nothing to watch from grandstand view the sailing club provides. Amongst Bob’s excellent course setting he also ensured a gybe mark in front of the club. Which once the wind had swung a little it proved best to jybe early for the fastest line into it. Some inspiration could taken from MK Dons themed prizes (yes I like giving something different and local) and some football quotes could be shoe horned, like ‘it was a game of two halves’ and they played a blinder. Here's an idea, despite the low turnout (Chris Troth and Pru Dixey with Bouncer from Oulton Mere and Paul Turner and Christine Sears with Cheshire Cat from Trent Valley) to really do this event report justice, it should be written like a good old fashion open meeting report with no dodgy theme or superfluous references.   

At the end of the day you couldn’t have wanted for much more (we kinda could have done without a rudder breakage) It was perfect champagne sailing conditions, round three good sized and set courses with a good beat, tactical run and fast reaches. All topped off by everyone being packed up and heading home before the rain turned up. Chris pretty much lead off the line to the finish in every race and is only right him and ? should have done given these were Bouncers conditions. If you are reading this and feeling you have missed out you did! (Gerald and Andy H are excluded from as we had already received their apologies of absence and anyone away due to school holidays).
See you in October for the final round at Oulton Mere.

Smilie 2905

Overall results

1st Bouncer       Chris Troth and Pru Dixey
2nd Cheshire     Cat Paul Turner and Christine Preston
3rd Subversion  Jonathan and Kerry Garfitt