Burton week 2018

Brixham YC
18th to 21st August 2018

Sponsored by: GUL

Venue & Entry

Burton Week will this year be hosted by Brixham Yacht Club. This will be our third visit and we look forward to an event matching those of 2007 and 2013. The Club always make us very welcome and the organisation is excellent. All the social events will be held at the club, boat and car parking is below the club and most accommodation is within walking distance or a short drive away.

Brixham is a busy fishing town, with lots happening and plenty of places to eat. There are plenty of boat trips and ferries available from the quayside and Torquay and Paignton are not far for non sailors who want to take a trip for the day. Brixham Yacht Club’s lounge has a splendid view out over Torbay. For friends and family who are not sailing it is an excellent spot to relax and enjoy a coffee or lunch with other like minded spectators.  All the evening events will take place there and evening meals are usually available, just ask for details at the bar.


Racing will begin on Saturday afternoon and there will be a briefing at 12.00. The club shore party have organised a speedy system to ensure that launching and recovery should run smoothly whatever the weather, check this out at the briefing. The courses will be one of the four described in the Sailing Instructions and set in Torbay. The OK fleet will be half way through their Championships and will also be sailing from the Club on Saturday and Sunday, but they will launch before us and return to shore before we do, so there should be no clash. The OK’s on both Saturday and Sunday will be sailing on a separate course in Torbay with a separate race team.

Race schedule

Date Race Warning Signal Tide Times (BST)
Saturday 18th August 1st Points Race
2nd Points Race
asap after Race 1
HW – 12.04 – 4.2m LW – 17.52 – 1.8m
Sunday 19th August Sir William Burton Cup (3rd Points Race)
10.55 HW – 12.49 – 4.0m LW – 18.46 – 2.1m
Monday 20th August 4th Points Race
5th Points Race
asap after Race 4
HW – 14.04 – 3.8m LW – 07.18 – 2.2m
Tuesday 21st August 6th Points Race
7th Points Race
asap after Race 6
HW – 15.26 – 3.8m LW – 08.31 – 2.3m

Burton Week 2018 is again sponsored by Gul and even if you are not a trophy winner you could be in line for one of the Gul vouchers.  There will be additional prizes presented each evening, so please make sure you are around as the winners could be selected from anywhere in the fleet.

A ‘Buddy’ system will be in place again this year, the buddy teams notice should be available after racing on Saturday.  Each buddy team will be carefully selected and as a team can put their different skills to use to help each other. The highest placed buddy team will win The Gipsy Trophy.

Take a close look at the Trophy list this year as some changes have been made.  The Canter Trophy for instance will be competed for by a different age group!!  Look also at the Non Foiling award and the Cross Wins Trophy.  On Sunday a list of subsidiary trophy entrants will be posted, please have a look and make sure you are entered for the correct trophies.  

As usual there will be a tally system in operation overseen by the Beachmaster, if you forget to tally the local Lifeboat will benefit from your donation!

Most importantly don’t forget to stock up with any refreshments you may wish to take afloat. The Club have excellent catering facilities, but for ’on the water’ snacks and drinks they suggest local shops close by may give a greater choice.

On Friday registration will be available at the Race Office from 13.00 hrs, and each subsequent day from 09.00 for the remainder of the event. Check weighing/measuring should also be available during Friday afternoon and early evening, and again on Saturday. The Clubhouse and bar will be open.


The event is once again sponsored by GUL and the usual plan is to present prizes each evening so please be around to see who wins some Gul gear, it might be you. Saturday evening will be a chance to meet the rest of the fleet as well partake of the BBQ and bar. This will be a joint evening with the OK fleet who began their championships on Thursday and will be departing after sailing on Sunday. Get your BBQ tickets £10 on arrival, there will be burgers, sausages, salad and desert.

The Burton Week Dinner on Sunday evening is an opportunity for the whole of the National Twelve fleet to get together, talk sailing or catch up with old friends while enjoying a relaxing three course dinner.  This is not a black tie do, just smart casual dress!  After dinner we plan to present the Sir William Burton Cup and other prizes associated with that race, together with a few of the subsidiary trophies (like the Burton Brick!) This will be 7.30 pm for 8.00 pm.  It would be a great help if you would please book tickets with your entry, the caterers will need to know the final numbers at some point, but we expect the cut-off point to be a few days before the event starts.

Monday is the day of the AGM, which is scheduled for 17.30 pm and we hope a good number of members will support the Class, and find out what the committee have been doing this year. It is your chance to put forward your thoughts as to how you would like to see the Class develop in the future. If you are a full member you can vote at the meeting, but have you considered becoming part of the committee and helping to develop the Class?  Two or three meetings per year are held and if most of the members can attend the thoughts of the Class can be better represented.  Have a word with the Chairman for more information. A Club Night will follow, more details will be available later.

All too soon Tuesday will arrive and the last race sailed.  We try to work out the overall results as quickly as possible, but while you wait there will be food available in the club.  The final Burton Week prize giving will be held as soon as possible to allow those of you travelling to get on the road.  Please bear with us and stay to see who wins prizes, it could be you!

Getting there

The Clubhouse is on Overgang Road, walking distance from the busy harbour. Sorry but the parking just before the club is for members only. The car and dinghy park is reached by driving on past the Club, taking the first turn onto Blackball Lane and descending to sea level. The Oxon Cove car park is a Pay & Display, but when first arriving with the boat drive straight through towards the Club and there will be an area to offload your boat, but please help by then moving the car away ASAP.  Please do remember to get a car park ticket the moment you move the car onto the Pay & Display area as the penalty ticket which may be issued is not cheap!! A weekly car park ticket bought in advance from Torbay Council may be more cost effective, and they can be used at most Torbay car parks as well. If you want to bring your boat early, leave it later or will be arriving at an unsocial hour, please contact the NTOA Secretary who will check with the organisers at the Club.

As the OK fleet will also be sailing at the Club on Saturday and Sunday, there will be a dinghy park area allocated to each fleet.  Road trailers can live under the boat but any double trailers will need to go off site, details for this will be available by August 11th.

Registration & measurement

The Association measurers hope to have check weighing available from Friday which will be in the covered area directly below the Clubhouse. You don’t have to have the boat check weighed at this time, but you might welcome the chance to weigh your boat and have your measurements recorded in case you are picked for measurement later in the event. The measurers usually have a rota to avoid boats queuing, so get on the list and potter in the dinghy park until they are ready for you.  Please help to keep the slipway area clear. If you are hoping to get any specific boat measuring done then please do arrange this with a measurer in advance as they will be pretty busy with check measuring and getting their own boats ready!

Registration for the event will be at the Race Office which is in the Holman Room. This is an outside office and is about half way up the steps from the dinghy park to the Clubhouse, if you reach the club you have missed it! Here you will get your Sailing Instructions, trolley tags, and answers to any questions you might have.  We take your certificate and retain it until the event ends, we also collect the trophies from last year’s winners. Don’t forget that if anyone under 18 years of age is sailing then a parental consent form must be completed before racing. Also there is a  voluntary medical form available if you feel you would like to register any medical information with the Race Office.

The Official Notice board will be on the outside of the Holman Room and everything you need to know will be posted there, official notices, times, results etc., so please keep watching this for any changes.


Secretary and entries


Chief Measurer


Class Chairman


Brixham Yacht Club

Overgang, Brixham, Devon. TQ5 8AR Tel. No: 01803 853332