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Responsive and rewarding upwind, dynamic downwind and a joy to tack. Once you've tried a 12 you'll be hooked.

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The National 12 is a well established UK dinghy class. They have a light hull (78kg inc mast and centreboard), two sails and a crew of two, supporting combined weights of between 15 and 23 stone. The 12 is a development class which means designs have evolved since the first boats hit the water in 1936. Modern boats are carbon/composite foam sandwich whilst many beautiful wooden vintage boats are still actively sailing.

The variety of designs means there's likely to be one that's perfect for you. Some are better for lighter crews whilst others carry weight well.

Some are great for tight tacking on restricted waters whilst others excel on open water. The design guide fills you in on the variety of designs out there. They are great for sailing with youngsters and for sailing as couples. The buyers guide gives you more info on choosing a boat.

Check out the great videos that show you the fun you can have. If you fancy trying one out then go to our try-a-12 page to book a trial on the water session. And if you'd like to find out more about the history of the class then visit our about pages and view our "70 years of development" YouTube video. is brought to you and paid for by the National 12 Owners' Association.

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