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Jane Pelling

Started by 3513SL, 09 Nov 2021, 10:48

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It is with deep sorrow, I announce that my wife Jane passed away 5th November.

Jane will be remembered by many in the National 12 class. It was nearly forty years ago that I met her and in meeting me, she was immediately introduced to the National 12 sailing dinghy. I will always remember taking her for a first sail in my National 12, one sunny afternoon on the River Crouch. She was such a natural in a boat and for me that was the absolute icing on the cake. I could not have been happier. Happiness that stayed with us throughout our lives together.

The National 12 has been an integral part of our lives and it's important I write these few words about Jane. She took part in the open meeting circuit and importantly those wonderful Burton Weeks for many years. Jane was a highly accomplished crew and I am so proud of the fact that she won a championship race before me. Aside from achievements on the water, Jane was a popular figure in the dinghy park and at social events. In later years, Jane spent more time ashore with our three children; Hester, Guy and Freya, who themselves spent much of their growing up in and around the National 12 class.

Paul Pelling
N12 - 3198, 3513, 3551

Steve S

I am sad to hear that Jane has passed away. Our thoughts are with you, Hester, Guy, Freya and the rest of the family. I have fond memories of sailing at 2 Burton weeks (1985 & 1986) with Jane and still remember her first championship race win as it was also my first race win and a special moment that I will always remember. I hoped in some way it may have made up for the scar she got the year before at Tynemouth on the 2nd infamous Tynemouth Tuesday.

Steve Sallis


Paul first introduced me to Jane as his new girlfriend and it's been a great joy for me to have been her friend for all these years. I have wonderful memories of Jane, much of those wrapped up in the N12 world. Many times we sailed together and although I was never able to helm her first across the line, being in each other's company, with her sense of fun and mischief, and her gutsy approach, was always a delight. I'm so sad to bid her farewell now, and I share my sorrow and send my thoughts to all her family, and to the N12 community.

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