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Project boat wanted

Started by chopper, 20 Mar 2022, 06:02

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Hi all I've been in and out of n12s for 30+ years and restored a fair few boats, I now find myself wanting another one.
Anything considered don't mind the work , love the rare and infomous (did own paws and subversion for a while)

Is anything needing a loving home.
Paul Berry

paul turner

Yo Chopper. There's a Cheshire Cat languishing at TVSC and I've just texted the owner. There' s also a Crusader lurking. Call me if you want to proceed with either. I'm in the handbook.  8) Paul


Hi Paul yah both sound interesting

paul turner

Hi Chopper. I have just been in touch with the owner of the CC and he is happy to donate the boat to you. He is digging out the rudder and centreboard, and he thinks that I have the sails and mast; I have serval booms for you to choose from. There is a tatty cover. The boat is at TVSC; we can sort pick up arrangements. Need to check boat number. P


A Smuggler project has also just been posted on the National 12 For Sale list (free to a good home)
Happy restoring


I've got a Feeling Foolish here that I've trying to restore myself, but don't think I'll be able to finish - sail number N3465. She's currently in need of a hull refinish, and is currently pretty stripped down!

Here's a few photos to show how things are looking.



Still looking , If anything available as we approach winter.


Hi Paul, I might have a boat - contact me for more info.
N12 - 3198, 3513, 3551


Hi Chopper

I know of an N12 that needs a little work, Whisper 7 design clinker built, hull is good comes with launch trolly, sails, mast boom etc... needs some work on the transom. contact me and i can send you photos and more details if you are still looking.

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