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SILVA compass - advice on where to install

Started by Francesco Ferretti, 04 May 2022, 11:15

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Francesco Ferretti

I own and sail Starfish N2266 Triarda in Tynemouth.

My most regular crew has just got hold of a Silva compass as in pic and we were wondering could we make good use of it.
I am after any advice where and how to better get it secured on the boat please.
Thank you in advance

Sam White

My advice is to get it mounted where the navigator can see it in as many positions in the boat as possible, without it being in the way. Foredeck is popular for obvious reasons. You've got an older boat there so you are likely to have a bit more space around the boat/less string, aim for somewhere in good sight that keeps your head out of the boat, no good navigating head down in the cockpit.
Good luck!

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