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N28 Libertas

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 15 May 2008, 04:03

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The life of N28 Libertas. Design: , designed by:  in

ken goddard

From Ken Goddard
Bob Murrell of Chipstead S.C. first told me of the existence of N.28 "Libertas" in 2003 and in due course gave me the name of the owner, Paul Handley, who was apparently well-known for having designed one or two of the boats in the RS range.
In due course Paul Handley and I exchanged correspondence and I learnt that he had bought N.28 about 10 years previously as a restoration project. The boat then (2004) was hanging in the roof of his garage. It required then three new planks and most ribs replacing. Apparently Paul contacted Robin Steavenson when he bought the boat, and Robin had given him as much information as he knew about the boat.
Paul Handley's address (in 2004) was,
6 Raglan Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0DP
Tel 01737 243127.


An update on the life of N28 Libertas from owner Henry Crawly, March 2024:

I offer an alternative brief history of this vintage boat built in 1936 for my father Jim Crawley (died 2003) who to the best of my knowledge acquired it from Uffa Fox or a fellow boat builder, and sailed it before and after the war in Burton Cups.  It was named Libertas after his mother's name.

The boat has been at Blakeney SC since early 1950's, in which my family all learned to sail.  She now sits at my home near Blakeney, but hasn't been in the water for 20 years.  She has the original wooden mast and cotton sails, and a covered transom unlike N1 Gipsy.

I only offer this information having checked out the website, and was surprised to see an entry for N28 by Ken Goddard who had tracked N28 to Paul Handley who had restored her in 2008, or a boat with the same name and number, which is mildly confusing.  Boats change names and registrations sometimes, but l would be intrigued to understand this mix-up.  I'm happy to provide photos if of interest, and more importantly would be happy to hear from any restoration enthusiast who might need a project, and the free offer of N28.  It will otherwise sit in our barn feeling a bit unloved.  The boat is in pretty good condition but not yet in racing trim!

Henry Crawley

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