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N2791 Splatnuck

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 06 Sep 2007, 10:16

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National 12 Webmaster

The life of N2791 Splatnuck.  Design: Paper Dart, designed by: Phil Morrison in 1972
Previous boat names: Cobblers, Cobblers Awls.


A friend of ours bought 'Splatnuck' in the 90's but she has been residing in his barn, unused, since around 1997. 

With a family looking for greater thrills, we have her on loan for the time being. The correct sails can't be found so this photo shows her with some alternatives. Her condition is reasonable after a good scrub though the centreboard needed to be re-glued.

Photograph taken at Durleigh Reservoir, near Bridgwater August 2007.

Chris Berkley

roger lepla

National 12 2791 was originally named Cobblers and sailed at Northampton Sailing Club.
She was owned for a year and then sold with the owner buying a cheshire cat 2877.


For sale on Social Media November/December 2022. Located in Truro. Advert reads -
National 12 Paper Dart
Good condition.
We have sanded and painted the bottom  and it now needs a mast, sails and sheets.
Cleats and other attachments look relatively new and in good order.
Road trailer included, functional but needing some attention.
Selling now as we are moving away

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