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N3169 Ill Wind

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 14 May 2008, 03:23

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National 12 Webmaster

The life of N3169 Ill Wind. Design: Crusader, designed by: Phil Morrison in 1981

Designer 12

I've just purchased N3169 "Ill Wind" from Jenny and Bryan Riley in Suffolk and they've obviously cherished her for the past 16 years. Apparently there was only one previous owner (the gentleman who had her built). I shall be sailing her at Dell Quay in Chichester Harbour along with my brother who bought "Jenny B" late last year and look forward to many hours of pleasurable sailing ahead. I believe Ill Wind was the first Crusader built which is rather nice to know.

Designer 12

Although Ill Wind was in excellent condition, the varnish had cracked in a number of places on the deck during the summer months so I decided to spend time this winter repainting her. The two-pack varnish was incredibly difficult to remove especially as I was very conscious of not damaging the very thin veneer. I've used Epifanes Clear Varnish (8 coats) and am very pleased with the depth of colour it has created.

Designer 12

A few photographs showing before and after repaint ready for the new season.


I have recently purchased this fine example of a National 12 and will be sailing her off the northeast coast next season.

The boat is still in excellent condition but the hull will need re-coating before long so this is a reach out to Cabin Boy, I would like to know what paint was used on the hull and the colour as i really like the finish as it is.

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