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N3032 Rumours

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 26 Mar 2007, 10:46

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National 12 Webmaster

The life of N3032 Rumours. Design: Pipedream, designed by: Robert Peebles in 1976


Sadly neglected but in good, resurrectable condition. Sold by Ulley Sailing Club through the eBay network and has 'landed' in Central Scotland where it is currently enjoying tlc, refurb and fiting-out. Should be on the water in the spring.


just purchased rumours from my local club coniston sailing club in cumbria boat is a stunner and back in action winning club races may be seen on the circuit next season


Built by Nigel Waller for me Summer 1978. Sailed at Burton SC (Branston) 1978, then at Foremark Reservoir when club moved there 1979 through 1982. Sold to member of Ulley SC 1982. Original hull paint scheme white with mahogany decks. Mast ram control, shroud levers, Proctor beta-, needlespar boom, Alverbank sails. Good all-round boat but slight susceptibility to nosedive off-wind!
Malcolm James


Sorry got the dates wrong! Sold N3032 Rumours to Ulley SC member autumn-1980 in order to buy N3069 'Street Legal' from John Sears. Last Burton week that I sailed Rumours was Whitstable 1980; crewed by Dr Martin Butler - 9th place Burton Cup race (light airs).


Here are some recent pics of Rumours at Castle Semple SC south of Glasgow. Unfortunately the varnish on the decks suffered after a wineter outside (albeit under a cover)....was for sale, not sure where she is now.



Have posted some scanned photos of how Rumours looked in summer 1979 for comparison. They are in my fodler on the coppermine gallery. I don't think that I can add them here because I'm not the current boat owner?


Rumours pre-start at Friday's race Llandudno August 1978; original white hull scheme with that album name in black vinyl on both quarters!


So as I've just repurchased Rumours from an almost certain demise the next challenge is to restore her hull back to the original white colour scheme. Nigel Waller will be giving her a thorough inspection once I can work out the transport logistics from Scotland to Ipswich. Thanks to Ed Willett for his help and enthusiasm thus far. If anybody has a couple of old Suunto compasses for the thwart ends ...?


I believe that this is available for free should anyone be interested. Please contact either Malcolm James or myself for further information.
My ownership started in year 1967 with 2135, almost a new boat !
Ex owner of 1626, 1777, 2135, 2730 & 2844 and present owner of 2383.

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