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Gul Series 2017

As the days begin to get longer and a few of us are now getting home in the light, it is certainly time to think about sailing again and especially the Gul Series for 2017.

The main series dates are listed below, but Gul Series #1 is now less than 3 weeks away! We look forward to seeing you all on 18th March for a series of short sharp races. If the past two years are anything to go by, this is one event not to miss! There will be 9 or 10 short races with minimal waiting time in between, so it doesn't matter if your start doesn't work out - it'll only be 15 minutes until the next one!

National 12s at Burghfield in March 2016 

To get you in the mood, take a look at last year's footage from the event here 


RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show 2017

This weekend the National 12s will be on stand C14 in the Grand Hall at Alexandra Palace. We will have Nick Copsey's Hijack on display, N3548.

Come along to have a look at Nick's boat but also see what the class can offer you for 2017!

N3548 at Brightlingsea in 2016

If you are planning to go and can spare an hour or two on Saturday or Sunday, we'd love to have you on the stand! - Get in touch by replying to this email.


Carnac 2017

For those that don’t know, three years ago 77 boats went over to Carnac for a four day event in the sun. The venue is ideal with all the usual you could want from a club, plenty of space, easy launching, a great sailing area and a very professional team used to running major events. Unusually for a club of this size they are also incredibly friendly and welcoming. It’s also walking distance to the town, beaches and easy access to the surrounding area for those coming for a holiday.

Getting there is surprisingly simple with multiple flight and ferry options and Brittany Ferries are kindly offering a discount for competitors and supporters. The format for the sailing will be similar to last time with handicap races on Saturday that don’t count to the main series in case anyone can’t get over there in time and then fleet racing on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The main changes are the addition of a pursuit race on the Saturday before a back to back handicap race and the option to run sprint races on the Monday. Target length for these will be 15 minutes so if someone makes a blinding start then there’s less chance for it all to go wrong and anyone making a bad start is quickly into another race so no need to spend a long race trying to catch up again. 

The event is happening 27th – 30th May so it’s a bank holiday weekend and half term. It means it can be done with only 1 day off work if you want. Cost wise will depend on your circumstances and how many people you are bringing, as open meetings go it is quite expensive, as holidays with your mates go it’s an absolute bargain.
More info can be found at or feel free to e-mail if you can’t find the answer there. Tom will also be around the dinghy show on Saturday.
SMELT 2017 @ Carnac – sponsored by Allen Bros., Brittany Ferries, Coast Watersports, Dinghy Rope, Les Menhirs campsite, North Sails and True Start.


Vintage Update

Paul Turner has said it is now time to trim down his collection and is selling two China Dolls and Mr Jones, although interest has already been expressed in Mr Jones. Contact Paul for further information.

The 2017 vintage events are as follows:

  Mar 18th Burghfield SC  
  Apr 16th Burwain SC  
  Jun 4th Yorkshire Ouse SC  
  Jun 24th Burton SC  
  Jun  25th Burton SC  
  Jul 1st - 2nd Hykeham SC  
  Aug 5th - 12th NW Norfolk Week  
  Aug 19th - 22nd Weymouth SC  
  Sep 3rd Trent Valley SC  
  Sep 17th Henley SC  
  Sep 23rd - 24th Solway YC  
  Oct 7th Ripon SC  
  Oct 8th Yeadon SC  

Please note - now only 3 events will qualify you for the vintage series.


Tuning Tip - Gybing

It is time to start thinking about National 12 sailing again and that all important - if often wet - task - gybing!

So, we turn to the wise words of Geoff & Amelia Camm:

Roll Gybe In Light Winds

1. Pull the leeward shroud back on
2. Crew moves towards the helm to heel the boat to windward to initiate the roll – the more heel the better (the deck should be touching the water)
3. Helm uses a small amount of rudder to help the boat turn.
4. Helm crosses the boat as the boom comes over
5. Helm pulls the boat up and pulls in a few feet of mainsheet to help the top batten flick. As with roll tacking the crew moves to either aid or compensate for the helm’s movement.


Gybe Flat In Strong Winds

1. Pull on the leeward shroud
2. Leave the centre board half up (this reduces the pressure on the rig as the boat is pulled up on the new tack)
3. Helm pulls in a couple of feet of main sheet to pull the boom off the shroud
4. Crew generally moves to the middle of the boat and stays there during the gybe
5. Helm starts the turn and uses a small amount of windward heel to help turn the boat
6. Helm crosses the boat as the boom swings across
7. Helm ensures the rudder is in the centre as the boom hits the other side - this is best if the tiller extension is held firm against the deck to keep the rudder in the middle
8. Crew now waits to see which way the boat is going to heel and reacts quickly to keep the boat flat and prevent rolling to windward (death roll) or leeward (broach). Watch for the nose dive on exit from gybe particularly if crew has moved forwards for the gybe but does not move back quickly enough. Pulling in the jib quickly on the new side can help avoid this.


National 12s For Sale

At the moment there aren't many National 12s for sale.

Do you know of a National 12 at your club which is no longer being used? If so, please try and get in touch with the owner to see if they're willing to sell it to a new entrant to the class.

Alternatively, if you are no longer sailing your National 12 or have a few spare parts lying around, why not put them up for sale now! Many sailors are looking for a good spare set of sails or a spare rudder.

This year first time helms at Burton Week get half price entry, so lets try and bring as many new faces along as possible!


Upcoming Events

18th March - Burghfield Sailing Club - Gul Series #1 & Sprint Championships

9th April - Royal Harwich Yacht Club - RHYC Short Sharp Series 

29th April - 1st May - Salcombe Yacht Club - Gul Series #2

27th - 30th May - Yacht Club de Carnac - Carnac 2017

4th June- Yorkshire Ouse Sailing Club - Gul Series #3

10th - 11th June - Royal Harwich Yacht Club - Gul Series #4

15th - 16th July - Rutland Sailing Club - 12 Fest & Coaching

5th - 12th August - North West Norfolk Sailing Week

13th - 18th August - Salcombe Yacht Club Regatta

19th - 22nd August - Weymouth Sailing Club - Burton Week 2017