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Membership types:

Full members are people who own a National 12. If you are new to the class then you can register your boat and receive a year's membership at the same time for a reduced price using the boat registration form. There are reduced rates for juniors, over 65s.

Associate members are people who don't own a 12 but are interested in keeping touch with the National Twelve Class such as ex-owners, or crews. 

Payment types: You can make a one-off payment through PayPal, cheque or bank transfer. For ease you can set up an on-going annual subscription for future years through a standing order or annual bank transfer.

Membership selector

The following questions will guide you to the correct membership form. If you know which membership type you need you can skip straight to the table below

Are you renewing or making a new application?

Do you own a National Twelve?

Do you own a National Twelve?

Is the boat you own registered to you? (You should have a registration certificate for your boat in your name)?

Is the boat you own already registered in your name and you have a current certificate in your name?

Membership types

Full membership + boat registration Combo
Full membership New application | Renewal
Associate membership New application | Renewal

Membership benefits include

  • N12 magazines
  • N12 handbook, 252 pages of the history of the class
  • N12 yearbook with details of class contacts
  • You are supporting the class to:

    1. Organise events & open meetings
    2. Promote the Class and continue the running of the web site.

  • Make sure you register your Twelve to make it legal.
  • And whilst you're at it why don't you join the discussion group and maillist

Review of the years sailing


Vital information about the class contacts


Read about the amazing class history

The handbook

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