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Promoting 12s at your club

Here are some thoughts of how you can build the 12 fleet at your club. If you have any top tips to add please let us know (e-mail the webmaster).  Also, make sure you're clubs in on the N12 clubs list - enter or update your sailing club entry.

Creating enthusiasm about the 12

  • Be seen at your club. If you're not there then they won't know about the 12.
  • Inspire and enthuse people with articles in the club magazine, on the club website or club social media pages. You can write about recent events you've been to or interesting developments in the class in general.
  • Keep the old boats in the dinghy park sailing. The old boats are particularly good for beginners. Have a look at the boats collecting water in the dinghy park and see if some of the owners can be persuaded to venture on the water again.
  • If you have a small number of 12s at your club, try and agree a few dates when you will all go club racing so you can compete against each other
  • Have an up to date second hand list, encourage potential 12 sailors to try-a-12 and suggest suitable boats from the 2nd hand list.
  • Get involved in RYA training courses run at your club and RYA initiatives such as “Push the boat out”. This is a good way to influence the first boat people buy. N12s are a good low cost way into sailing.
  • Provide advice to new people on purchasing a boat
  • Play the N12 video at events
  • Be seen at your club, if you're not there then they won't know about the 12.

Getting new people onto the water in a 12

  • A great way to get people into 12s is through a try-a-12 session. These can be pre-arranged at clubs for a group of people or for individuals on an ad hoc basis. Contact   if you want to arrange a try-a-12 session
  • Inviting people into the front to try crewing is also a good way to introduce them to the class. If your club has a junior section, give a keen youngster a chance to experience a boat outside the RYA training schemes. 

On the notice board / in the bar

  • Promote the class through posters, merchandise, 12 logo etc on the club notice board. These are available to download from the N12 web site.
  • Actively promote the benefits of being a member of the NTOA, this enables the association to keep sailors up to speed with what's happening in the class and hopefully keep them excited about n12 sailing.

Great club fleets

Publicity material for your club

Whether you are an official club rep. or the lone voice at your club we would like to provide you with as much National 12 publicity material as possible so you can raise the awareness of Twelves at your club. It is vital to the future of the class that we make an impression at clubs. Our best mechanism for promoting the class is through you! The top tips and downloads found here should provide some help.


Publicity Packs