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Annandale Open Meeting

This years Annandale open was a one-day event but was blessed with steady strong winds all day. Having travelled up the previous day from Lake Coniston (Chris Hampshire sailing his Topper to first at the regatta and winning the North West trophy as well) the Hampshire’s were setup and ready before anyone else arrived. Philip David arrived shortly before Angus Beyts who confirmed that despite his best efforts to rally support, we were the fleet for the day. It must have been something about the date as Annandale only mustered 2 Streakers and a junior in a Topper for their May Regatta.

Angus discovered the perils of having multiple boats that are nearly, but not quite the same. He brought a single bottom N12 but brought the mast for a double bottom N12. Even if we could have made it fit the mast gate, the lack of 200mm in height meant that the shrouds would not fit. Having dragged his long suffering crew, Berry Berhane, all the way down they were looking crestfallen until the race officer offered them his boat for the day. What’s large, yellow and confused ……Angus and Berry in a Tasar trying to work out what the rotating mast is all about.

Philip David, teaming up with club commodore Elaine Ross as his crew, hit the start line perfectly in the first race and made use of the local knowledge to get a clear lead in the first lap. However the Hampshire’s Big Issue 2 showed it’s speed advantage on the reach, closing up the gap and making it a hard fought duel to the end. Philip and Elaine made the best use of the Feeling Foolish’s superior pointing to keep the lead until the last beat on the last lap where the Hampshire’s managed to just get a boat length ahead, gaining further on the reaches and finally finishing a few boat lengths ahead of Philip and Elaine.

Race two was over before it started. The Hampshire’s tangled with a local Streaker on the start line, tacked round to miss the committee boat and then took an ill-timed gybe to miss the yellow Tasar and went for a swim. Philip and Elaine took a convincing win well ahead of the rest of the fleet and the Hampshire’s never closing the gap despite passing the rest of the local fleet.

With one win each it came down to the last race. The start was clean with the two N12’s swapping positions up the beat, a lift at the windward mark giving the Hampshire’s the edge to round first. Philip and Elaine pushed hard to get the most out of Foolish on the run and reach but the Hampshire’s were pulling away when a loud bang from behind them signaled the demise of Philips kicking strap boom strop. It was not the wind conditions to try anything temporary, so Philip and Elaine retired, giving the Hampshire’s the win.

Our thanks to Annandale Sailing Club for hosting a great event and we hope to see more N12’s out next year at what has always proven to be a great location for close racing.

Overall results

1st – Tim Hampshire & Chris Hampshire, N3502 (Ripon SC)
2nd – Philip David & Elaine Ross, N3499 (Yorkshire Ouse SC)
3rd of sorts - Angus Beyts & Berry Berhane, Txxxx (Newburgh SC)

Pictures courtesy of Ally Brown


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