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Yeadon Open Meeting

Well after a great and blustery day at Ripon sailing club, Yeadon Tarn had a nice steady breeze blowing from the southwest. Even the Sun turned up for the first half of the days racing. As did two Visiting boats, the favorite Phil David from Yorkshire Ouse sailing club arriving with his Feeling foolish ‘True Blue’3499 and second favorite from Ripon sailing club, Tim Hampshire with his Big Issue ‘Carbonara’3502, even though the automatic gates at his home club nearly ended his day after they gave his boat a hug before leaving the dingy park. Luckily no damage was done, and Phil also gave a sigh of relief as Tim was supplying him with a crew. The host club Managed two boats. Starting with a complete unknown from the laser fleet Paul Bradley sailing his Paper Dart ‘Green Pinnacle’2663 gifted to him a couple of seasons earlier. This being his first national 12 open meeting. Finally, Tony Dufton sailing his Design 8 ‘White boat man’ 3283.

Crewing for Phil was Emma Hampshire from Ripon Sailing club a well-practiced pairing reeling from their success the previous day. For Tim his son Chris taking a break from his various junior traveler series. A very busy family, great to see them at Yeadon. Paul was joined by his daughter Stephanie who hadn’t sailed together for 20 years isn’t that great. Martin Parish first season as a National 12 crew continued at his home club, after a busy year keeping the boat upright at Yorkshire ouse, Yorkshire Dales and Ripon sailing clubs. There cannot be a better bailer in sailing.

So, onto the racing.

Race 1:- A novel moving start line confused all, especially the visitors. Giving Tony a great start. It didn’t last long as Phil and Tim slipped by before the end of the first lap. Phil and Emma continued to stay ahead, and the first race finished with them being victorious. Closely followed by Tim, and a little way back was Tony and Martin. Forth was Paul and Stephanie.

A Fantastic Lunch was put on by the club. Pulled pork Baguette, homemade soup, apple pie and custard and some exceedingly good homemade cakes. Well done all who were involved. Thank You.

Race 2:- Another fantastic start by Tony and Martin. This time he stayed with the lead boats and places swapped places throughout the race. This time Tony and Martin managed a second and Phil and Emma sealed over all victory with another win. Paul suffered technical problems and was sadly forced to retire. Hope they are back next year.

Race 3:- Once again close racing from all three boats. Until the penultimate lap when Tony glanced mark number one and then watched Phil and Tim sail away as he decided to do his penalty turn in the wind shadow of the sailing center. Tim remained on the transom of Phil for the rest of the race. Tony managed to close the gap on the final beat, but time ran out for him as Phil took the line, followed by Tim.

After the racers had finished packing their boats away prizes were handed out by the clubs much loved George Dawson. Phil David thanked his crew, the Race officers, Rescue and Galley members who did a great job. Thank You and well done.

Please support this open in 2023, I doubt the club will be able to continue hosting opens if numbers are going to be so low. Well done all those who entered especially the visitors and those new to the class.


Overall results

1st Emma Hampshire + Phil David, Ripon + YOSC 3499 ‘True Blue’
2nd Chris Hampshire + Tim Hampshire, Ripon SC 3502 ‘Carbonara’
3rd Martin Parish  + Tony Dufton, Yeadon SC ‘White boat Man’
4th                               + Paul Bradley, Yeadon SC ‘Green Pinnacle’