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RYA Dinghy Show

24th & 25th Feb 2024

The revamped N3484 renamed to Total Perspective Vortex was exhibited on the National 12 stand. The bright purple paint job (meticulously done by Phil Scott) was certainly an eye catcher and featured on the front page of the Yachts and Yatching Dinghy Show report. The Total Perspective Vortex  was apparently runner up in the concours d'elegance - the fifth time Phil Scott has been in that slot!. We were pipped by a beautifully restored Olympic firefly from 1948. The show was pretty busy both days with some 8900 attendees. This year's poster and rainbow sticker were very popular with the kids (as were the sweets).

Dave Hollom and John Meadowcroft in conversation on dinghy design

The talks from Dave Hollom and John Meadowcroft on dinghy design and Tom Lee on winged rudders drew the crowds with the aisle filled.

Thanks to everyone that helped out:

Zoe Ballantyne for coordinating.

The set up and break down crew (see photo) who were also there most of the weekend; Angus Beyts, Ian Purkis, Pete Miatt, Stewart Miatt and Graham Camm.

The numerous people who helped out on the stand; Michael & Mary Brookman, Tom Lee, Nigel White and Roland Whitehead.

And thanks to everyone who came along and chatted to make it a fun weekend

The tear down crew ready to get to work

The 2024 sticker